Solar Torch
Solar Torch Solar Torch Solar Torch

Solar Torch

Product Code: CSLTL001
Has hunting for batteries driven you to the point that you use your mobile phone for light rather than your torch? If so we have a bright idea for you! The Solar Torch uses the sun to charge its internal lithium battery meaning you never have to look for batteries again. It’s 3 LED bulbs provide a stunning amount of light that can travel over a kilometer and lasts for hours.

This clever little eco torch is available in six colours and small enough to fit into your pocket, bag or glove box. The Solar Torch is perfect for camping trips, festivals or just having around the house and makes a great gift. With our Solar Torch, you need never be without light again.


- Solar panel: 0.1w high energy conversion efficiency (> 16%)
- Built-in Lithium battery: 3.6V 80mAH
- The charging time of device under sun: 5 - 8hrs
- LED: 3PCS of high brightness LED bulb
- Light distance: 1.5 kilometres, effective distance: 40 metres
- Material: ABS
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