Komodo Solar Charger
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Komodo Solar Charger

Product Code: A0809002
Our Price - £38.22

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How many times have you been midway through a phone call, listening to music or maybe saving the world in your favorite game when up pops that dreaded sign... LOW BATTERY! Fear not, for Cougar Solar have the solution to your problems.

With our Komodo Solar Charger, you can connect to a truly global power source, the sun. You can set your gadgets free with power anywhere in the world, whether you are trekking, camping, traveling or just laying on a beach.

This cleverly designed eco friendly device has to be one of our most stylish and elegant solar chargers. It is light and robust and works with over 90% of small gadgets on the market. We even provide you with 3 adapters to get you started.

As with all of our chargers, if you run out of sun you don’t run out of charge as our Komodo Solar Charger has a 1450mAH Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged either through the solar panel or the supplied USB adapter. Never be without power again with our Komodo Solar Charger.


- Can be charged either under the sun or via a computer
- Solar battery 5V/230mA
- Built-in: 1450mAh 3.7V Lithium battery
- Charging time: 8 hours (under strong sunlight)
- Output: DC 5.6V/500mAh
- Weight 130g
- Dimensions 113 x 75 x 20 mm
- Can charge small digital electronics
- Can also charge different mobile phones
- Includes mobile charging accessories – 1 cable and 3 adapters (Nokia, Samsung & Motorola)
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