Solar Heater
Solar Heater
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Solar Heater

Product Code: CSLSH
A recent report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that between "2004 and 2009, energy prices increased substantially: domestic electricity prices rose by around 56% and gas prices increased by around 97%”

Are you tired of the ever increasing costs of heating your home/office? Would you like to see a reduction in the costs of your heating bill from day 1?

Then you need a Solar Heater by Cougar Solar.

The Solar Heater by Cougar Solar is designed to be revolutionary.
It is designed to be used in conjunction with an existing heating system and not to replace it. The most efficient way to utilise a solar heater is to install it where it can blow warm air directly into a room that sees a lot of daytime use. Cool air is collected into the solar heater where it is heated and the warmed air blown into the room. Thus, the Solar Heater provides free heating to complement an existing heating system. The Solar Heater can potentially be used in any building as long as it is placed facing direct sunlight. It is fully automatic and does not require regular maintenance. It produces heat during the day, so the regular heating system does not need to be used frequently during daytime.

Space Coverage (m3) - 90
Solar Panel (W) - 8
Air Volume - Up to 85 m3/h
Dimensions (cm) - 55 x 90
Weight (kg) - 15

Space Coverage (m3) - 150
Solar Panel (W) - 15
Air Volume - Up to 110 m3/h
Dimensions (cm) - 66 x 105
Weight (kg) - 19

Space Coverage (m3) - 185
Solar Panel (W) - 18
Air Volume - Up to 110 m3/h
Dimensions (cm) - 95 x 140
Weight (kg) - 36

All are made with specially toughened diamond waved glass, have a fan (electronically controlled) and come with an adjustable air inlet.

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